The following compilations of Web links and information are designed to help you better make use of your time on the Law School Advising Web site. We hope you find these resources useful as you navigate your way through the Web site. Thank you for visiting.

Internet Legal Research Sources
Comprehensive legal research source with links to discussions, electronic news sources, Usenet newsgroups, law journals, magazines, newsletters, and organizations.
Comprehensive legal research guide that includes legal news, cases, codes, forms, articles, information about law schools and bar associations, and links to legal research.
Research guide providing internet sources for federal law, state law, law-related discussion lists, law journals, law schools, and law firms, as well as general law-related resources, selected subject-area guides, and search engines for legal sites.
Internet legal research guide with the full text of U.S. Supreme Court cases and the last five years of federal and state appellate court cases.
The Association for Legal Career Profession’s website containing information for job seekers and information about public service initiatives and fellowships.
Legal Information Institute’s website with links to legal subjects.
Federal Courts Finder and Electronic Reference Desk guides.
Guide for law and the legal profession.
Law school website with law-related information.
Comprehensive legal research guide.
Home to American Law Sources On-line (ALSO!) providing links to search for laws of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
Government site with U.S. federal and state law resources.
Meta-index for legal research.
Type of law index, attorney directory, and firm directory by practice area and state.
World Wide Virtual Library for Law.

Websites of the Law Schools You Are Applying To

Refer to each law school in which your are interested for their distinct financial aid policy


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