Senior Spotlight: Lindsay Zimmermann

Senior Lindsay Zimmermann’s college journey has taken her to many different places, from Washington D.C as a student at Georgetown University, to Villanova, Pennsylvania as a Villanovan in pursuit of an undergraduate degree, and now on to be a “Supernova” set to attend Villanova University’s Charles Widger School of Law this fall. 

Lindsay, from Orlando, Florida, is a senior Communications major with a specialization in Rhetoric and a minor in Political Science. In her first semester of freshman year, she attended Georgetown University but made the choice to transfer to Villanova for her second semester. “My older sister went to Villanova and I saw the experience she had academically and on the tennis team, and it was everything I felt I wasn’t getting at Georgetown,” Lindsay explains. She was pretty selective in her college search and wanted a smaller, private school located on the East Coast that was near but not in a city. Villanova was able to check all the boxes for her, and she couldn’t be happier with her decision. 

“The best thing about being at Villanova is definitely the community. I know everyone says that, but having gone to a different school before, I don’t think people realize how unique it is to have a student body and professors that really care about you,” Lindsay explains.

Although she now lives off-campus and notices its effects a little less, the COVID-19 pandemic had a huge impact on her sophomore year of college. “It was right in the middle of the tennis season and was a big damper on my career. But I’m so happy Villanova came back on campus my junior year, even when a lot of schools didn’t,” she reflects.

Nevertheless, she has had a lot of opportunities during her time here. After her freshman year, she was able to study abroad for five weeks in Greece through the Communications Department. “It was great. I’d only been here a semester and I met a lot of my good friends through that trip,” Lindsay explains. Her favorite professors in the department, Dr. Billie Murray and Dr. Bryan Crable joined the students on the trip and helped to make the experience so special for her. 

This past summer, she had a remote internship with the National Veterans Legal Services Program. “I dealt with veterans cases, whether it be sexual assault or not having their benefits. It taught me a lot and gave me access to the legal community,” she says.

She has had a wonderfully positive experience with her professors here. Speaking highly of Dr. Billie Murrary, Dr. Bryan Crable, and Dr. Allyson Levin, she says; “They wrote me nice letters of recommendation and were super supportive of me through the whole law school application process.” “My professors have always been so caring, willing to talk, be lenient and listen to students. I’ve never had a bad experience with a professor here,” she continues. 

One highlight of her senior year thus far was the Senior Day basketball game versus Georgetown, as well as having the opportunity to live with her friends. “It’s been a lot of fun to not have COVID be a main factor like it was my junior year,” she says. 

Athletics have also been a very important part of her time at Villanova. “I’ve been to a ton of sporting events here, like basketball games, soccer games, and volleyball games. Being so involved in the athletics community has definitely been a highlight for me,” she explains. Lindsay is also on Villanova’s tennis team, after being a lifelong player, starting at the age of three. After having wrist and shoulder surgeries in her sophomore and junior years, she has been limited in her ability to play but has been involved with the team. 

Lindsay hadn’t always known law school was right for her. She made the decision in the summer of 2020, after previously having a Public Relations and Advertising specialization, and an internship that just wasn’t for her. “Basically, I woke up one day and realized I like school, and I’m good at reading and writing, what if I went to law school?” she explains. After discovering the field of sports law, she was immediately hooked and wanted to pursue it. She switched to a specialization in Rhetoric, took the LSAT last spring, and finished up the law school application process early in September.

 “Since I wanted to go into sports law, the number of law schools I applied to was super limited because a lot of schools just don’t have that as a specific program. I was looking at Villanova, Miami, Tulane, Marquette, and Suffolk. But Villanova was my favorite,” she says. Over fall break, she was given the news that she had been accepted to her top choice.

“It was a crazy experience applying to law school. I don’t have any lawyers in my family, so I did all the research, LSAT, and everything all on my own. It was a stressful semester but very worth it in the end,” she reflects. 

When asked what she would tell her freshman self, with the experience and wisdom of a senior set to graduate in two short months, Lindsay said; “I would tell myself it’s okay to fail. I went to a school that I thought I was gonna love and when I didn’t love it, that felt like such a big failure to me, like I had picked the wrong place and wasted five months of my life,” she reflects. “But in the end, I learned so much from the transfer process. I learned so much about myself, independence, and hard work,” she explains.  

Although Lindsay will still be attending Villanova post-graduation this May, there’s a lot to be missed from her undergraduate experience here. “I think I’ll miss the camaraderie of campus. I’ll still be at Villanova, but the law school is more of just the one building. I think back to when I lived in the Commons and my friends and I would go study in Falvey Library or the Connelly Center. I think of the Tech Zone and Nevin, I just think I’ll miss the campus and the social aspect,” she says.

After completing law school, Lindsay hopes to work in the sports law industry. “It’s definitely easier said than done, but I’m hoping my time at Villanova law, and the connections I’ve made with the athletic department here can help me out,” she says.

“Something that I’ll take with me from Villanova is that it’s great to be independent, but it’s also just as important to have a community that supports you. I’ve always been a really independent person, but between the transfer process and the law school process and everything, I learned sometimes it’s okay to lean on others and to find a community that will support you,” she says.

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As a Staff Writer for Villanova University’s Office for Undergraduate Students, freshman Gabrielle Piccirilli shares the stories, experiences, and accomplishments of the students of Villanova’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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