My OUS Story: Cameron Scott

After high school, it is often said that college is not for everyone and that there are many different paths to embark on following graduation. While this may be true, junior Cameron Scott always knew that pursuing higher education was his calling.

“When I was like seven or eight I knew I was going to go to college. I knew I was good with academics. And I had five schools in mind,” he remembers.

One of the schools Cameron was thinking about attending was Villanova University, which was only a short way away from his home in the Mount Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia. 

While Villanova enticed him, it was not his only option, yet he was eventually sold on the school after multiple visits.

“I ended up going to Villanova a couple more times either for scholarship interviews or just to visit the campus, and I ended up liking it more and more,” he recalls. “I was really looking at social fit and Villanova had a great social atmosphere.”

Along with enjoying Villanova for the social possibilities it provides, Cameron has an appetite for learning that he has satiated on and off-campus.

“I’m somebody who’s big on getting more knowledge, figuring out how to understand things, and how to reconcile everything,” he says. “I want to become more informed.”

As a Presidential Scholar at Villanova, Cameron has furthered his knowledge with his degrees alone, as he is a Psychology and Criminology double major with minors in Peace & Justice and Business. With this impressive mix of degrees, he has taken all kinds of classes that have helped him as a learned student, but also as a member of a diverse society. 

He specifically credits some of the university’s Intergroup Relations (IGR) courses, Dr. Timmy Lucky’s “Black Theology and Black Power” class, and Dr. Catherine Kerrison’s “Gender and Conquest in the Atlantic World” class.

“All of my classes have opened my eyes more and given me different and unique experiences,” he says. “I wanted to learn more about what was really going on in the world because I didn’t get much of that in high school or my lived reality. In about 10th or 11th grade I thought, ‘I need to learn more.’”

However, Cameron does not only have a hunger for learning inside the classroom, as he has pursued many beneficial opportunities outside of school. 

“I want to go out and have experiences, and I think freshman year I didn’t do that as much. Then, COVID took away the option for lots of new experiences, so now that the options are mostly back, I’m realizing there is a lot out there to do. There is a lot I should try and explore and experience. And I think the rest of my time at Villanova should be dedicated to that.” 

Cameron has stayed true to this philosophy in various ways, such as through his club involvement. 

Currently, Cameron is a part of Villanova’s Black Student Union (BSU), the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA), and the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). He is also the fundraising director for Villanova Singers and especially loves being a member of Villanova’s Judo Club.

“I joined karate when I was in 5th grade, but since there’s no karate club at Villanova, I wanted to try a completely different martial art. Judo is about as opposite as I could get from karate, but it provides me with a different skill set and helps supplement and develop the mental aspects I began to tap into while training in karate.”

Additionally, Cameron, still committed to trying out new experiences, went on his first service trip this past fall to Romero Center Ministries in Camden, New Jersey.

“I enjoyed my experience there and I loved helping people and seeing who I was actually helping,” he says. “Just getting the chance to see the children who benefited from our help and what we were doing, no matter how small it was, made the entire experience worthwhile.”

This summer, Cameron found another insightful experience through an internship with Pennsylvania House of Representatives member Christopher Rabb.

In Rabb’s office, Cameron primarily dealt with constituent services and answered phones calls. He also conducted demographic research and looked at the employment history of local companies to ensure equitable hiring practices.

“My internship with my state representative was a rewarding experience that has definitely helped me at Villanova,” he says. “It’s been valuable in my process of figuring out what I’m interested in and what career path I want to follow.”

Away from the office, he was able to get a glimpse of the inner workings of the political field.

“The internship was a good chance to see the constituent side of what goes on behind the scenes for a politician. I got to go to several political events and even had the chance to visit Harrisburg to watch the representatives in session at the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. It was a great in-person opportunity to see what goes on that we don’t normally know about, like all the bills that get passed unanimously and the powerful speakers that furiously debate one another.”

This fulfilling experience has made Cameron seriously consider politics as a future after graduation, but by no means is he solely limiting himself to that. 

With his Criminology and Psychology degrees in mind, he has also thought about a career in law, with his Business minor potentially opening up even more doors for him.

“I’m aiming to be successful enough in my career that I would eventually be able to go into a private practice,” he hopes. “I would then be able to manage everything on my own for the most part and utilize my Business minor as well.”

No matter what he decides to do, Cameron will continue with his drive for knowledge. Yet, he still wants to enjoy the freedom of college while he can, and he advises others to do so too.

“Go out and enjoy yourself,” he recommends. “Life live and have experiences. And try to take advantage of as many opportunities as you can.”   

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As a Staff Writer for Villanova University’s Office for Undergraduate Students, senior Daniel Donabedian shares the stories, experiences, and accomplishments of the students of Villanova’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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