Meet the BRIDGE Society: Ashden Personius ’18

Bridge SocietyExecutive Board

Ashden Personius (’18), President of the Bridge Society, has served on the Executive Board for the past two years. As President, her responsibilities include leading the Executive Board members, communicating with Bridge’s advisor (Kate Szumanski), and continuing to grow the organization in ways that will best serve the students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Villanova.

Ashden is a mathematics and environmental science double major, while also pursuing a minor in statistics. In her free time, Ashden is involved in Music Activities Stage Crew, Villanova Student Theater, Alpha Phi Omega, LEVEL, Villanova Club Running, and the Association for Women in Mathematics.

Her favorite aspect of the Bridge Society is the connections made at every Bridge event. From working with professionals, to meeting alumni, to sharing stories and working with Bridge members, “you meet amazing people everyday,” Ashden commented.

Ashden’s goal is that students gain confidence and connections from Bridge Society events. First, she believes it takes practice to be confident enough to step up and present oneself in a professional setting. “The Bridge Society is here to help with that learning curve,” Ashden added. Second, she describes the connections made at Bridge events as “invaluable.” Students are able to utilize these connections for years after graduation.

There are no other overarching professional development organizations specifically for Liberal Arts and Sciences students, which makes the Bridge Society so unique. Moving forward, Ashden sees the Bridge Society continuing to grow on campus and helping students achieve their professional aspirations.

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