Internship with the Marian Moskowitz for State Representative campaign

Are you interested in politics, government, policy, or campaigning? Are you looking for a way to get started in politics or looking to solidify your skills and gain some real world experience?

If so, come work with the Marian Moskowtiz campaign for State Representative in PA’s 157th District! Marian is a business woman and community leader with over 30 years living in her area. This race is receiving a lot of attention as one of the state’s premier races. This is the perfect opportunity to help build a campaign up in the exciting months leading to November 4th win! We need to show power players in the state that young people can affect politics.

We’re looking to build a Millennial based campaign to overturn the stagnant politics of the current state government, all while building up our skills and electing a good woman into the legislature. Everyone is a part of the learning process here, and the skills you can build working as a part of our team will make you a more marketable professional once out of school. Come build your skills and your resume.

Contact James Ebersole, Campaign Manager, at with your resume and we’ll get you on board!


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