[Guest Post] Summer Internship Experience by Gregory Shirinian

My internship this summer was with Urban Engineers of New York P.C., located in New York, New York right in front of Madison Square Garden. It was an exciting experience that I was able to learn a lot from even though I am not in the engineering school here at Villanova University. I worked in the Business Development sector of the company helping to promote our service as a consulting firm in order to gain future clientele. My internship also involved research into current business and transportation topics that were relevant to the company’s, and my own, futures.

I am a senior economics major at Villanova University and I found my internship through the Armenian General Benevolent Union. The AGBU is an Armenian Organization that offers an internship program in New York City, but you have to apply and be accepted based on resume, GPA, classes taken, and application answers. Once accepted, the internship coordinator found positions for all of us in the fields we are interested in, unfortunately I did not receive a financial position. I did receive a “marketing” position for Urban Engineers. I was interested in this field because I have only had experience in the financial sector at Morgan Stanley, so I figured marketing would broaden my perspective on business.

If students were interested in a similar internship, such as this one, they would have to apply to the AGBU summer internship program via their website. They offer programs in Yerevan, New York, and Moscow. The only drawback is that you have some Armenian blood within your family tree in order to apply and be accepted. It was a great program that I highly recommend because it not only gives you experience, but an established network to tap into once you are applying for job positions. I am sorry to say that I was not able to obtain a picture from my internship because it only involved going out into the field a few times, other than that I was at a desk for five days a week working eight hours a day. Pictures are never allowed out in the field because it is sensitive transportation information that cannot be leaked to the public.  



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