Journalism and Music Writing Internship with TapSongz

TapSongz is a new Music site where kids can find new music. Our goals are to work with young, talented artists by promoting their music, writing up feature articles on their career and helping share their story. ( 

TapSongz is looking for talented college students particularly interested in the music industry and writing to join our staff as a writer. They would have the opportunity of interviewing a variety of artists, bands and musicians and then writing up feature articles on these artists to be published on our website. Students can work on their writing skills, build their connections with music professionals, network with others in the music industry, interview some of their favorite artists, and learn how to build and market a brand. Our LLC has become large enough where we typically qualify for media passes at music festivals in which some students may be interested in attending to cover the event as a media outlet. The position would be a great experience for journalism, communications and public relations majors as well as any student interested in music. 

Tasks would include posting music to social media, conducting phone or email interviews with artists and writing a variety of editorials to be published on our website. Interested students should email their resume and a cover letter to Eric Rustad at


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