Guest Post – Andrew Saba ’17


Hello my name is Andrew Saba, I just finished my first year at Villanova University. At this moment I am undeclared in the college of Liberal Arts and Sciences, but now after my internship I am strongly pursuing a major in Communications with a concentration in journalism. I interned at Voice of America this summer, the biggest U.S. International Broadcaster, as it reaches 140 million people in 43 languages through radio, television, and the web. Voice of America was a station I never heard of before coming here, but is something many people including my family members overseas have listened to for many years. When my dad lived in the Middle East, he and his family would listen to Voice of America and it turns out that when he came to the U.S. his college internship was at Voice of America.

I found my internship out when my dad heard they were looking for college students who might have a passion for journalism to come and act as interns for them. All that I had to do was get in contact with the internship supervisor and give them my resume, tell them a little bit about me, and why I was so interested in working for Voice of America.

I told them I wanted to intern at Voice of America because I have always enjoyed writing and wanted to dip my toes in the water of journalism before I go out and declare my major. This internship completely paid off, as I have become even more interested in the journalism. I learned so much at Voice of America, because they gave me a lot of responsibility and the ability to learn through experience in the field. Whether that be through classes on how to use the media tools they use, going out and interviewing highly extinguished individuals for stories, or even going out and developing my own piece, I was always learning something and becoming more ready to concentrate my time at Villanova on journalism.

My advice to all Villanova students looking for internships is to just go out and try and get one that matches your interests. Internships are a great way to build connections and acquire values that you will hold onto for the rest of your professional career, so starting with an internship as early as I did is not ill-advised.


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