Work as Summer camp leader in Spain (Spanish not needed)

Positions offered:

  • Summer camp (2-8 weeks during end June-mid August) (15-20 spots available): Open to everybody.
  • Animal oriented camp (9-13th June) (4 spots available): For European participants only. If you love animals this is for you.
  • “College age” campers (28th July-9th August) (1 spot available): For female participants only. If you are over 25 years old this is for you.
  • Au Pair/Nanny (15th July-15th August) (1 spot available): For European female participants only.

Program Benefits for participants:

  • Improve their Spanish/English.
  • Develop skills (leadership, teamwork, adaptability, creativity, etc.).
  • Enrich their CV/Resume.
  • Save money.
  • Travel (most of the participants travel around the hosting country and/or nearby countries during one/two weeks before, during or after camp sessions).
  • Enjoy a worthy experience: 76% of the participants in 2013 rated their experience as Good/very Good (scale: very Bad/Bad/not Bad not Good/Good/very Good).

 Requirements to participate:

  • Be over 18 years old and ready to work for long hours with little rest.
  • Be native or fluent English speaker.
  • Experience leading children/teenagers, sports, volunteer work, camps and/or international traveling.
  • Send by e-mail all the application documents.
  • Show the appropriate profile during a personal interview.

 Program coverage:

  • LEADERS 3 days Orientation at Madrid (16-18th June).
  • House (during camp sessions).
  • Food (during camp sessions).
  • Insurance (during camp sessions).
  • Travel aid (weekly 100 € for Americans and 75 € for European participants).

More information contact Miguel Lopez-Madrazo at



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