Vizion Group Public Relations/Marketing Internship

RESPONSIBILITIES: Interns at the Vizion Group PR are expected to support staffers with key responsibilities surrounding the implementation of PR plans for sports and entertainment events. Includes creation and maintenance of media outlet list databases, research, writing, social media outreach and direct contact with traditional media. Intern must be self-motivated to fit in as a focused operative and a team player. Management makes significant effort to providing challenging tasks in addition to requiring basic intern work. Some specific responsibilities include:

  •  Research
  •  Press Release Writing
  •  Fact Sheet Writing
  •  Brochure Copy Writing
  •  Administrative Duties
  •  Media Contact
  •  Transcribing Audio Tapes
  •  Event Staffing
  •  Information Dissemination
  •  Report Compilation
  •  Web Site Updating
  •  Intern Recruitment

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Vizion Group PR is a unit of Vizion Group, a unique company located in suburban Philadelphia with offices and associates in several cities, providing diverse services to a variety of commercial and non-profit clients. These include developing and executing fundraising programs, providing public relations and marketing services, producing conferences and developing initiatives that drive economic impact and tourism. Vizion Group is comprised of professionals who have diverse experience and are results-oriented.

HOURS: The Fall Internship runs in conjunction with the Fall semester. We have flexibility on dates and hours, as needed.

COMPENSATION: This is an unpaid internship with no travel reimbursement. We will fulfill all paperwork and evaluation requirements needed by those gaining academic credit.

QUALIFICATIONS: Communications or Marketing major desired. Writing and editing skills preferred.  Organizational, follow-through and meticulous attention to detail skills needed along with working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and basic Social Media.


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