VIP Mentors Event Recap [Guest Post: Elizabeth Hecht]

Below is a guest post by Elizabeth Hecht ’14, Economics Major, Communication (Public Relations) Minor and Intern in the Office for Undergraduate Students.

VIP Mentors Event 9/17 Recap

On the evening of September 17, 2013, Liberal Arts and Science students representing a wide range of majors met in the library to discuss summer internships.  Four student panelists were featured: Emily Frankberry, Scott Goodwin, Rachel Lee and Sydney West.  These students have had numerous internships in many different areas: Conde Naste Traveler, Goldman Sachs, Harvard Medical School research lab and Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs.

The evening began with each panelist giving a brief background on their experiences.  Once the introductions were finished the panelists were asked more indepth questions about their experience.  The conversation quickly focused in on how the students’ Liberal Arts background was beneficial to them this summer.  Each panelist emphasized the importance of strong writing skills.  From Goldman Sachs to the research lab at Harvard Medical School, writing was a central part of these interns’ summer.  The panelists discussed how Liberal Arts classes such as ACS, ethics, theology etc. helped them prepare for and excel at their internships.

Another common piece of advice given was to keep in contact.  An internship is a great time to make contacts with people in your desired industry.  Therefore, it is important to make connections during your internship and keep appropriate contact afterwards.

Once the questions and answer portion of the event had ended student ate pizza and were able to speak one on one and share contact information.  Overall this event was a successful kick off for the year!

VIP Mentors events will be held once a month throughout the year.  These events give students in the college of Liberal Arts and Sciences a chance to connect with other students who have similar career interests and experience in the industry.  In the future panels will be area specific.  For more information or to receive emails about upcoming events feel free to contact me at


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