Summer Internship Experience in Psychology [Guest Post: Andrea Wilp]

Below is a guest post by Andrea Wilp ’14, Economics and Psychology Major. Andrea is earning 3 academic credits for her internship. To learn more about internships, visit the OUS Website.

195894_10150123490421378_3230375_nAs a rising senior whose goal is to attend graduate school, I wasn’t as concerned as my fellow classmates about landing “the internship.” I honestly hadn’t even looked into applying for internships for the first half of the year, until one of my professors advised me that experience is still good experience, and even better experience when it’s related to my intended graduate degree.  So, in the beginning of my Junior spring semester, I embarked on the hunt.

This fall I’ll be applying to Industrial Organizational (IO) Psychology graduate programs, and as an Economics and Psychology double major, I wasn’t exactly sure which search engine to start with since the Psychology Department has a separate internship program search from GoNova.  I spoke with my Psychology advisor who helped steer me in the direction of GoNova as a resource, which is where I ultimately found my internship at The Gabriel Institute: an organizational development consulting firm in Philadelphia.

Organizational development is essentially applied IO Psychology, although there are subcomponents in the IO field and each organizational development firm specializes in different fields, I chose this internship to provide me with a sneak peek of a future career in IO consulting, if I choose to go that route.  The Gabriel Institute specializes in pre-screening hiring software that helps clients with hiring and organizational restructuring.  While I’m not a consulting intern, my internship in research and communications gives me experience with the field and business operations.

For my fellow undergrads, my advice is to be open to all types of experiences: speak with those professors you feel comfortable enough with to ask for advice or ideas.  If you’re not sure about where you’re headed in the future, use GoNova to skim through job descriptions to see what might be interesting.  Any experience is better than no experience because it brings you one step closer to what you’ll end up doing, even if you don’t have an enjoyable experience.


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