Internship Experience at ING Financial Partners [Guest Post: Adrienne Galvin]

Below is a guest post by Adrienne Galvin, LAS Junior, Communication Major.

In the beginning of my junior year, I started feeling ready to take on my first internship.  After four and a half semesters of very similar classes, I was ready for something new.  This is what inspired me to begin my internship search.  I am majoring in Communication, and I am currently a junior here at Villanova.  Communication seemed like a perfect major for someone as indecisive as me because it is such a broad field.  But this fact started to intimidate me, and I wanted to discover what branch of Communication was best suited for me.  I knew the only way to figure this out would be to experience different areas of Communication hands-on.  I believed that an internship was the best way for me to begin to discover what path I want to go down.

I found my internship on GoNova.  I was exposed to GoNova as a freshman in my Professional Development class.  We learned about the different features and how to apply for jobs and internships.  This fall, I applied for approximately ten different internships via GoNova.  In most cases it was as simple as submitting my resume as an application.  A few of the internships required personalized cover letters.  Within a few weeks, I started hearing back Untitledfrom some of the employers.  I ended up with three great internships to choose from.  After a lot of time and consideration, I decided to pursue an internship at ING Financial Partners in Philadelphia.

This internship is in the Human Resources and Recruiting department of the company.  I work with the recruiting team to scope out potential new employers for ING.  This internship has helped developed my organization skills, my Microsoft Excel skills, along with many others.  This internship has also given me a glimpse of what it is like working in a business environment.  The office I work in is very professional, and it has helped me realize that this is the kind of environment I would like to work in when I have a job.

I recommend to any students who are interested in internships to check GoNova often.  Employers are constantly posting opportunities on there, and the key is to be proactive.  If you are proactive in your search, then you will be successful.  I also recommend that students do not limit themselves and keep their minds open when looking for internships.  Originally, I never would have been interested in a Human Resources position.  But since I kept an open mind when applying, I discovered something that I really enjoy.


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