Featured [Internship] of the Week: Copeland Capital Management

As a small, but growing investment advisor, an internship at Copeland Capital Management (CCM) will afford the right candidate with an unusual and exciting opportunity to work closely CCM’s investment research team, assisting in the selection of Dividend Growth equities. With guidance from our investment team, specific duties will include:

  • Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 9.28.41 AMUsing company SEC filings, company websites and 3rd party research reports to gain an understanding a company’s business model
  • Listening to company conference calls to discern current business trends
  • Analyzing financial results and projections
  • Evaluating a company’s competitive position based on Porter’s five factors
  • And, when possible, participating in meetings with analysts from Wall Street firms or company management teams

These efforts will culminate in written research reports, supporting buy and sell decisions.

Additionally, the internship may involve research projects designed to support CCM’s dividend growth whitepapers and/or marketing materials. In the course of these efforts, our intern may be called upon to use Factset, Bloomberg and/or other 3rd party resources to collect and analyze quantitative data. Proficiency with Excel and a basic understanding of accounting and financial statements will be required, while a proven ability to quickly learn new software would be a considerable plus.

Applications are due to Danielle Tadros (danielle.tadros@villanova.edu), Director for Internships, by April 12, 2013.


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