Internship Experience in Media Broadcasting [Guest Post: Joshua Meekins]

Below is a guest post by Joshua Meekins LAS ’14, Communication Major, who is enrolled in the Internship Course, earning 3 credits for his internship at Clear Channel Radio.

What’s going on everyone, my name is Joshua Meekins and I am a Junior Communication major here at Villanova University. My specification within Communication is broadcast journalism. I’m really interested in pursuing a career within media broadcasting either in radio or television. With this in mind I Unknowndecided that my junior year, instead of packing on tons of classes, that I would take classes and get some experience in the field I wanted to go into. Ever since I was little I always listened to WDAS FM and POWER 99 located in Philadelphia. I always wanted to work in the station so I looked up possible internships that involved radio. I came across the Clear Channel Radio Internship, which happened to encompass those stations. With no hesitation I applied for the internship and was accepted.

The experience so far has been great. There is a lot of hands on work and your constantly doing different projects. What I do like about the projects that I work on is that I get to keep them and add them to my portfolio. There are also the perks of getting to see many of the stars that come through the radio station.

Unknown-1If you are thinking about pursuing an internship while you are in college, make sure you  can commit to the time and travel. You will be traveling off campus if you have an internship in Philadelphia and it is very important to make sure you communicate your schedule and transportation with your supervisor and anyone that you will be working with. I would highly recommend doing an internship also, because it allows you to apply what you are learning in class to real life situation and find out if you really want to go into the field that you are studying for. It would be terrible to do all of this work for a field you really aren’t that passionate about. If you do have an interest in a broadcasting internship, make sure you apply early and already develop yourself within broadcasting. When I say this I mean become familiar with different types of audio and video programs. This allows you to at least go into the internship with a little bit of knowledge of the work you were going to do. I highly encourage partaking in a internship while you are at school.


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