24 Hour Imagination Quest 4/13-4/14

24 Hour Imagination Quest

Villanova University and University of New Haven

Saturday, April 13th – Sunday, April 14th, 2013


The 24 Hour Imagination Quest takes place over a weekend.  It is a fast paced team competition.  Students will join the competition as individuals and then form teams.  Explaining it in terms of TV shows, think of it as a combination of the Amazing Race, Shark Tank, The Apprentice and Fear Factor.  The students are constantly on the move or feverishly working on their presentations and prototypes.

At noon on Saturday, the students are given an ambiguous topic (such as “creation of products or services to improve education”, or “develop methods to improve transportation on or around campus”; or it might even be something fantastic such as “develop a product or service for space aliens who are exactly like humans, except they have only three fingers per hand”).

During the 24 hour period, the students must develop an idea, examine the technical/business feasibility, develop a top level design, produce a basic business pitch, create a simple prototype and create a TV commercial.  Along the way, they need to present their results to a different set of judges (so even though they make several presentations during the 24 hours, the teams cannot assume the judges know anything about their idea — each judging panel is different.)   By noon on Sunday they must present their ideas in the form of a simple prototype, a business pitch and TV commercial.  The competition will be over at noon on Sunday, followed by lunch and an award ceremony which will be completed by approximately 1:30PM.

This year the competition, involving students from Villanova University and the University of New Haven, will take place on Villanova’s campus April 13 and 14.  

Email amanda.kelly@villanova.edu if they would like to participate.


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