Interning at Cheswold Lane [Guest Post: Felicity Johnson]

Below is a guest post by Felicity Johnson LAS ’14, Double Major in History and French.

Interning at Cheswold Lane Asset Management has allowed me to gain exposure in the finance world. Prior to interning at Cheswold Lane, I was a History and French Untitleddouble major with no idea what I wanted to do after graduation. This uncertainty gave me the drive to apply to Cheswold Lane. In spite of my non-finance background, my willingness to learn encouraged my employers to hire me. I began interning at Cheswold Lane as a sophomore, and I have continued to work here every subsequent semester and summer (excluding spring sophomore year when I went abroad). I found this internship through babysitting; I babysit for my employers’ children as a freshman, and when they asked me if I had any suggestions for finance majors who wanted an internship, I asked if I could also apply.

I enjoy working at Cheswold Lane for several reasons. Not only have I gained experience in a small asset management company, but I also have a stronger understanding of the operational tasks that need to be completed within a financial institution. Additionally, the fact that Cheswold Lane invests in international securities has enabled me to gain an understanding of how stocks are traded globally. Also, interning within a small company has helped me create strong relationships with my co-workers, which has given me to confidence to ask questions. Furthermore, when applying for positions in the future, I know that my employers will help me with preparing for the interview process and with looking over my resume.

I recommend students who are interested in similar internships to search on Villanova’s career website for potential internships and to ask friends if they know of any opportunities. More than anything, I would recommend that students should not worry about what major they have in terms of what internship they should apply to. Rather, I would emphasize that students should focus on applying to a position that they are interested in.


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