Featured [Internship] of the Week: Marketing and Business Development

Marketing and Business Development Intern

Gain exposure to marketing functions in a growing marketing agency. Learn the inner workings of a niche agency focused on serving clients in professional service industries including technology, finance, management consulting, healthcare and academia.

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 9.47.24 AMThis agency supports startups in addition to well-established clients, allowing for an interesting and challenging set of client-related tasks and significant learning opportunities. We often collaborate with international clients, partners and vendors to achieve project goals

This position can be part-time (15-20 hours/week) or full-time (30-40 hours/week). It is a temporary assignment with the potential to expand into a continuing, paid position for the right candidate.


  • January – December 2013. Minimum commitment is 3 months.


  • Parking stipend
  • Other compensation to be determined based on experience

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Marketing research, including web-based research, Phone survey data collection and data analysis
  • Set up and management of social media activities and landing pages (Hubspot)
  • Setup of marketing database (Salesforce, MailChimp)
  • Assist with product conceptualization and development
  • Special marketing projects: preparation of podcast series, drafting project summaries and other content for digital marketing materials and new products
  • Writing – drafting newsletter stories, project summaries and other content
  • Project management – completing client-related and internal office projects as needed
  • Copying and filing as needed

Skills Sought

  • Motivation, energy, diligent work ethic
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills; tact is essential in client interactions
  • Strong writing
  • Attention to detail,even while under pressure
  • General understanding of the field of marketing and audience segmentation
  • Knowledge of social media platforms and comfort with learning to use new online tools
  • Knowledge of standard office software – Windows and Mac environments

Education and Qualifications

Helpful are:

    • Academic pursuits that require research,writing and information management skills.
    • Interest in exploring or pursuing a business management and/or marketing career.
    • International travel and work experience a plus
    • Prior work experience within the field of marketing is helpful.

About Us

Benjamin Waxman Communications, LLC, has offices in downtown Salem, MA. The invigorating office environment is home to a range of marketing professionals with a clear focus and intense intellectual curiosity. We enjoy figuring things out, thinking big and sweating the details. Serving the client is paramount. Creating a space where excellent client service is an enjoyable endeavor is essential.

We approach marketing at a strategic level before putting any messaging into play and our work in the marketing/communications field goes into areas far more diverse than simply advertising. Take time, before you apply, to learn more about us here: www.btwaxman.com.


Please send a well-written letter of interest explaining your work and academic background and your motivation for seeking this position. Include your resume. Email this information to: Elizabeth@btwaxman.com.


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