Bloomberg Assessment Test (BAT) on Campus, Feb. 23

The Bloomberg Assessment Test (BAT) is coming to Villanova, Saturday, February 23rd!

The Bloomberg Assessment Test (BAT) is a free, standardized test, designed to assess an individual’s aptitude and knowledge relevant to opportunities within business and finance. Every BAT test taker is anonymously entered into the Bloomberg Talent Search Database, available to more than 20,000 top firms and allows employers to contact a test taker for an internship, entry-level or graduate-level position. The test is comprised of 155 multiple-choice questions and 11 total sections (50% finance aptitude, 50% general aptitude and career skills.)

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 2.02.38 PMThe BAT enables test takers, based entirely on their individual abilities, to get in front of 20,000+ employers, who are conducting daily searches to identify and fill internships and entry-level positions.

The BAT is open to students of any major, and employers from a variety of disciplines, not just Finance, look at the Bloomberg Talent Search Database to place interns and full-time positions. LAS students are encouraged to take the test!

Session Details:
Date: Saturday, February 23rd
Time: 9:30AM AND 1:00PM

Reserve your spot by registering here: 
Helpful videos from student hires:
Prefer cartoons?


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