Featured [Internship] of the Week

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  • Baseball Youth Experience (Tour Staff / Summer Internship)


  • Dugout Media, The Leader in Youth Sports MarketinScreen Shot 2013-01-14 at 11.11.35 AMg and publishers of Baseball Youth. http://www.dugoutmedia.com
  • The Nation’s Baseball Magazine for Kids, is looking for individuals to fill it’s TOUR STAFF positions for the Baseball Youth Experience (national mobile marketing tours). The tours represent an extensive list of national sponsors, which include Major League Baseball Players Association, Topps, Louisville Slugger, MLB.com, Franklin Sports, Evoshield and Baseball Youth Magazine.


  • Tour staff members will travel with one of five different tours, including three regional (East, West and Central) as well as a National or NCAA College World Series tour. The Baseball Youth Experience visits major youth tournaments and World Series events, and crew members interact with players, kids and adults through sponsored booths. Creating brand awareness for each sponsor is critical, and this is achieved through free games, contests, equipment demos, product sampling, video game play, merchandise sales and more. Crews set up during regular tournament play, as well as during opening ceremony events. During regular tournament play, crews generally arrive on site in the early morning and run the Experience setup through the afternoon.
  • Tour staff members will be required to arrive at the Dugout Media headquarters one week before the tour’s opening weekend. Each crew will go through extensive training on the setup and takedown of the Experience as well as become educated with the tour sponsors and their products. Each individual tour staff member will become a specific brand ambassador and be assigned an Experience position.
  • This Internship is a unique opportunity to not only get great experience in sports marketing and events but also travel around the United States. Each crew will be on the road for the entire work period. Dugout Media provides travel, gas, lodging and food expenses. Pay is bi-weekly, plus a bonus.


  • College upperclassmen (juniors or seniors) on track to graduate with a sports or marketing background are preferred.
  • Students looking to fulfill internship credit hours/requirements are preferred.
  • Able to conduct the position from May 20, 2013 – August 25, 2013
  • Willing to travel.
  • Dugout Media’s Headquarters are located in Lexington, Kentucky.



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