A Communication Major in Wealth Management [Internships]

Below is our third blog post on a student internship experience. Through OUS students can learn about internship opportunities that will allow them to explore careers, acquire professional experience, and prepare for post-graduate employment. These internships are great professional development and can be used for credit.

If you’re thinking about an internship for next semester or for the summer, stop by SAC 107 to meet the new Internship Program Director, Danielle Tadros. Ms. Tadros holds open office hours on Monday and Wednesday, from 2:00-3:00. You may also email for an appointment: as.internship@villanova.edu.

Thanks to EJ DaCosta for answering our questions about his summer internship! EJ is a junior majoring in Communication from Basking Ridge, NJ. This summer he earned elective internship credit while working in Wealth Management for Merrill Lynch in Florham Park, NJ.

What skills did you learn?

I learned how to effectively manage people’s money and I learned a strong overview of the stock market. I also learned how to deal with clients and the importance of working on a team with others.

What was most challenging?

Completing all my assignments on time was tough because I had a lot of work every single day. However, I learned how to effectively manage my time in an office and get through pressure situations.

On specifics in the field:

I learned more about what financial advisors do and how they need to effectively mange peoples money. They have a high risk/high reward job and being consistent for clients is demanded from every single advisor. The best financial advisors are those that never stop trying to improve or better themselves.

Did the internship provide you with any insights that you hadn’t anticipated?

One thing I did not anticipate which I learned at my internship is how much financial advisors must communicate with their clients. It was interesting to see their daily interactions and how they needed to keep them up to date all the time on stock market shifts.

Relate the internship experience to your major:

I would say that my internship related most to communication skills that I have learned at Villanova. In any major corporation communication serves as the basis  in a strong corporation. At Merrill Lynch strong communication skills are required for all financial advisors.

Connecting the internship to career choices:

I think that this experience gave me some insight on a possible career choice and it helped me create contacts for the future. This was my second summer at Merrill Lynch so I hope that I have made a strong impact on the office and they would consider hiring me out of college.

Thanks again to EJ! If you’d like to answer questions for an OUS Blog post, please contact gina.talley@villanova.edu


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