Sociology, the Chamber of Commerce & Elective Credit [Internships]

Through OUS students can learn about internship opportunities that will allow them to explore careers, acquire professional experience, and prepare for post-graduate employment. In addition to being great professional development experience, you can earn credit for your major, concentration, minor, or earn elective credit!

Below is our first blog post on a student internship experience. These various student internship experiences will give a taste of what’s out there and show how internships broaden your liberal arts education.

Many thanks to Katherine Calemmo for answering our questions about her summer internship! Katherine is a senior majoring in sociology, from Sea Isle City, NJ. This summer she earned elective internship credit while working for the Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce in Atlantic City, NJ.

On skills learned:

My internship gave me exposure to a business environment. I had never worked in an office before so I really did not know what to expect. Most of the job assignments involved mass callings, compiling data, and stuffing envelops.  However, I was able to be involved with some really interesting tasks through my work in the department of Membership, Events, and Communications. I was able to participate in meetings and really see how events are planned, coordinated and brought to fruition. I helped update the Chamber’s membership lists, planned and organized Chamber events, and promoted events through various communications’ methods. I was able to promote the use of twitter and other social media. From the experience I gained insight into social media programs, website support, member services, customer service skills, administrative office support, and event planning and implementation.

 Her greatest accomplishment:

I think my greatest accomplishment was being involved in the promotions for the The Atlantic City Airshow. The Atlantic City Airshow is one of the biggest Airshows in the country, and it brings needed revenue to the city.  I was involved with the planning and advertising over the course of the entire summer, so to see the finished product was very satisfying. I learned that even the smallest detail or task is relevant to the putting out a very good product. Attention to detail is what separates a good event from a great one. When I was working the Airshow, it was gratifying to know I played a role in helping making the Airshow successful as a Chamber event that also impacted the local economy.

On future career choices:

I think the internship has made me less anxious about my future after graduation. I have learned that I am capable of doing work in a setting that is unfamiliar to me, and doing it well. I think it made me realize that I like the atmosphere of a business setting, and that is where I want to end up after graduation. I also learned my degree in sociology may have a place in the business field.  It has given me an insight into personalities and an appreciation for how to accomplish certain tasks. Even without a business degree, there may be a place for me in the in the non-profit corporate world. I am confident that my liberal arts education is a great tool that will help me succeed in the future.

Connecting the internship to her major:

Most of my classes at Villanova are sociology courses, but surprisingly, sociology did relate to my work. I had to interact with people a great deal, use certain methods or tactics to figure out the most effective way to reach people, and also a great amount of writing. Overall I think my Villanova education prepared me for the internship and also has prepared me for my future.

Thanks again to Katherine! If you’d like to answer questions for an OUS Blog post, please contact


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