First day of class panic!? [Ask The OREO]

Dear Oreo,

It’s the first day of classes and I have no idea what to do. How do I find where my classes meet? How do I know when my classes meet? What will professors expect of me? I haven’t even bought books yet. Help!


Manic Monday Panic

Dear Manic Monday,

These are all normal questions for first time students! You just arrived on campus a few days ago and now you have to start doing things, class things!

First, log into myNOVA. Your course schedule will be listed, with locations and times.

To find the buildings where your courses are held, check the campus map: here.

Typically, room numbers in buildings begin with the number of the floor they are on. For example, room 120 will be on the first floor, 220 will be on the second floor, and so on. Two-digit numbers are usually on the ground floor (they may also have a G in front of the number, example: G20.) While this may all seem obvious to you, sometimes the first day can be confusing! There will be signs on each floor directing you towards the room location. Don’t fret about walking in late; everyone understands it’s the first day.

If you haven’t bought your books yet, you can buy them at the Villanova University Shop. But don’t worry, you probably won’t have a reading assignment due until the next time your class meets.

As for the first day of class, you should expect the professor to go over the syllabus (the document with all the reading assignments, exam dates, and grading policies). They professor may also give an introductory lecture. Depending on the size of the class, you may be asked to introduce yourself (giving some personal information, major, year, etc.). By the next class, you will be expected to start reading and keep up with the course syllabus.

Finally, good luck! At least the rain has cleared!


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