Do I have an Advisor? [Ask The OREO]

Dear Oreo,

I’m just starting college and I don’t know if I have an advisor! It sounds like something I should have, right? How will I pick classes without one?! Will that person stay my advisor for all 4 years?

Lost, already.

Dear Lost,

No need to fret. All students are assigned a faculty advisor prior to the beginning of their first academic year. Your advisor should have contacted you by now to set up a meeting for the first week of class. If you are unsure, please

Once you declare a major, you should have the same faculty advisor within the Major for the duration of your academic career. All advisors in the College of Arts and Sciences choose the opportunity to work closely with students and to assist you as you explore personal and professional goals.

OUS is here to help you out! Come wander in SAC 107.


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