[Guest Post] Dean Lindenmeyr’s Do’s and Don’ts for Academic Success in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Dean Lindenmeyr graciously stopped by to share these illuminating tips for success, which she first bestowed upon the class of 2018 at Orientation several weeks ago.

Ten Dean’s Do’s and Don’ts for Academic Success in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Villanova

  1. DO take the time to get to know your professors. Visit them during office hours. Take advantage of their willingness to get to know you better, and to work with you.
  2. DON’T skip class. Ever. You’ll miss important information and annoy your professors; and you want to stay on their good side. And never, ever text or phone in class.
  3. DO buy the textbooks. Open them. Read them.
  4. DON’T sit in class like a lump. Be an active learner, not a limp, passive sponge.
  5. DO study with friends. Learn along with them and from them.
  6. But DON’T cheat. Ever. We know all the ways to cheat, and you will be caught.
  7. DO take at least one course that seems completely exotic and fulfills absolutely no requirement. It could be Gaelic or Russian history, medieval poetry or the sociology of deviance or the chemistry of art. Explore.
  8. DO change your mind at least once about your major or your career goals, even if you change it back later.
  9. DON’T wait until the second semester of your senior year to visit the Career Center in Garey Hall.
  10. DO take advantage of the academic opportunities that are all around you. Do something daring. When a door suddenly opens before you, walk through it.

New ATLAS Program Launched!

An open letter to all College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students from Matthew Kerbel, Ph.D., Chair of the Political Science Department.

Dear CLAS Students,

We are excited to announce a new Certificate in European Politics that we have launched in partnership with the European School of Social and Political Sciences at the Université Catholique de Lille, in Lille, France. This is an ATLAS spring semester program that is unique and exclusive to Villanova students. If you are thinking of majoring in Political Science, have an interest in European Politics, or are taking French as your language requirement, this is a great opportunity to integrate a Study Abroad activity into your curriculum.

More details are available at http://www1.villanova.edu/villanova/vpaa/abroad/findprogram/sem_lille.html, but let me give you a few highlights.

  • The Certificate may be earned by taking the equivalent of 12 units of Political Science courses at ESPOL in addition to PSC 1200 (which is already a required course in the major).
  • You will also be taking a 6-unit combined culture and French language course called Intercultural Communication, which includes excursions in the region
  • If you are already taking French, this is a terrific way of accruing credits towards a double major in French and Political Science.
  • You will be housed in single rooms in dormitories within walking distance to ESPOL. These dorms are equipped with common kitchen, gym and social areas.
  • You will be assigned a sponsor family who will contribute to giving you a more thorough experience of French culture.
  • Political Science courses taken at ESPOL can only be applied to a certificate, minor or major. In other words you cannot, for example, use the same course to fulfill both a certificate and a major.
  • All Political Science courses taken at ESPOL will be approved automatically for PSC credit.

Note that the application deadline for this spring semester (2015) is October 15. This is because study visas will need to be processed.

I encourage everyone to consider this unique study abroad activity. It is part of our efforts to more closely link the courses taken abroad with our home curriculum in the department, and ease the process of vetting and approving courses on the basis of our confidence in their quality of instruction and experiences.

If you are looking for summer travel-study experiences in PSC, consider the Prague Program or the Washington Minimester. We will send out information on these programs over the course of the semester.

To get started, make an advising appointment with the program coordinator, Prof. Francois Massonnat, Department of Romance Languages and Literature. Email him at francois.massonnat@villanova.edu. Afterwards, he will direct you to the (newly renamed) Office of Education Abroad to fill out an application and get the process started.

Matthew Kerbel
Chair, Political Science Department

[GUEST POST] Internship Experience by Jonathan Tam ’15

Every incoming college student knows of the college triangle aka the graphic of a college student’s time management. The three points of the triangle are labeled good grades, social life, and sleep and it tells you that you can only choose two. What the graphic does not tell you is that it is possible to have all three; you just need to have good time management and a plan.

            My freshman year was a big transition year for me and I figured out what I needed to do to be a successful college student. I also have the added filler of college baseball to my schedule, which helps to focus my time to where I need to spend it. I am a rising senior in the class of 2015 who is majoring in Psychology in the Liberal Arts and Sciences College.

            This summer I interned at a large-scale insurance company called ACE Group USA that specializes in insuring companies with a net worth of $1 billion or more. I spent time in the Risk Management Finance department, which looks at the expectations of every policy from every branch and looks at how the policies are doing compared to how they were projected to do.

            When I entered Villanova as a Psychology major, I was really hoping to be able to counsel and provide therapy but I would have to take way too many classes to earn that right so I have moved on. Now I have been looking at jobs in the insurance industry because it gives me the same kind of social networking without having to go to grad school to get a job. My summer internship in the Risk Management department was excellent for understanding how insurance works and how important social networking is in a workplace environment.


Internship with the Marian Moskowitz for State Representative campaign

Are you interested in politics, government, policy, or campaigning? Are you looking for a way to get started in politics or looking to solidify your skills and gain some real world experience?

If so, come work with the Marian Moskowtiz campaign for State Representative in PA’s 157th District! Marian is a business woman and community leader with over 30 years living in her area. This race is receiving a lot of attention as one of the state’s premier races. This is the perfect opportunity to help build a campaign up in the exciting months leading to November 4th win! We need to show power players in the state that young people can affect politics.

We’re looking to build a Millennial based campaign to overturn the stagnant politics of the current state government, all while building up our skills and electing a good woman into the legislature. Everyone is a part of the learning process here, and the skills you can build working as a part of our team will make you a more marketable professional once out of school. Come build your skills and your resume.

Contact James Ebersole, Campaign Manager, at MarianforPA@gmail.com with your resume and we’ll get you on board!

[Guest Post] Summer Internship Experience by Gregory Shirinian

My internship this summer was with Urban Engineers of New York P.C., located in New York, New York right in front of Madison Square Garden. It was an exciting experience that I was able to learn a lot from even though I am not in the engineering school here at Villanova University. I worked in the Business Development sector of the company helping to promote our service as a consulting firm in order to gain future clientele. My internship also involved research into current business and transportation topics that were relevant to the company’s, and my own, futures.

I am a senior economics major at Villanova University and I found my internship through the Armenian General Benevolent Union. The AGBU is an Armenian Organization that offers an internship program in New York City, but you have to apply and be accepted based on resume, GPA, classes taken, and application answers. Once accepted, the internship coordinator found positions for all of us in the fields we are interested in, unfortunately I did not receive a financial position. I did receive a “marketing” position for Urban Engineers. I was interested in this field because I have only had experience in the financial sector at Morgan Stanley, so I figured marketing would broaden my perspective on business.

If students were interested in a similar internship, such as this one, they would have to apply to the AGBU summer internship program via their website. They offer programs in Yerevan, New York, and Moscow. The only drawback is that you have some Armenian blood within your family tree in order to apply and be accepted. It was a great program that I highly recommend because it not only gives you experience, but an established network to tap into once you are applying for job positions. I am sorry to say that I was not able to obtain a picture from my internship because it only involved going out into the field a few times, other than that I was at a desk for five days a week working eight hours a day. Pictures are never allowed out in the field because it is sensitive transportation information that cannot be leaked to the public.  


Internship Opening: Political Journalist

PoliticsPA, Pennsylvania’s longest ­running political news website, is seeking talented individuals to contribute to our news coverage throughout the Commonwealth. Interns will have the chance to gain journalism experience and a stronger understanding of Pennsylvania politics. Additionally, interns will have the opportunity to build a portfolio with published political writing. Internship openings are available for the Fall 2014 semester. The position can be performed remotely and applicants are welcome from anywhere in Pennsylvania as well as Washington, DC.”

Intern duties include:
-Writing news stories.
-Monitoring press releases and regional news outlets for relevant source material.
-Covering political and government events.
-Conducting other research, including taking transcripts.

-Applicants must have strong writing skills.
-Applicants must have strong knowledge of Pennsylvania politics.
-Applicants must possess strong research skills.
-A commitment of 15 hours per week; specific times based on news events.

The strongest applicants will have a background in politics or journalism. Positions are unpaid. Please send a resume, cover letter and a writing sample to nick@politicspa.com. The ideal writing sample will demonstrate the applicant’s familiarity with PoliticsPA subject matter. Email Nick Field nick@politicspa.com with any questions.

Main Line Health – Recruitment Seasonal Internship

Note: this is a non-paid internship – 20 hours per week: schedule (days/times) is flexible

Main Responsibilities:
-Process Criminal Background Checks and Education Verifications (Certiphi®) for potential new employees
-Send interview invitations with appropriate documents as well as link for online reference checking (Skill Survey®)
-Ensure completed files for new employees by printing necessary paperwork
-Phone Screen applicants in applicant tracking system (e-Recruit®) as assigned by recruiters
-Schedule internal applicants for interviews at various Main Line Health campuses
-Perform other administrative tasks as assigned by coordinators
-Complete file audits at Main Line Health entities to ensure compliance of recruitment paperwork

Potential Projects:
-Learn and utilize the video interview tool (ASYNC) to help pre-screen applicants
-Learn and utilize CareerBuilder’s Talent Network to help increase applicant pipeline

To apply, email Megan Galeone at GaleoneM@MLHS.ORG

Villanova Office for Undergraduate Students Video Production Internship

The Office for Undergraduate Students, located in the Saint Augustine Center, is the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences resource for academically related student needs. We strive to provide students with the resources needed to be academically successful achieve through comprehensive Academic Advising, Leadership and Professional Development and Internship Programs. Currently, we are seeking a video production intern to assist with promoting our office through video communication. This exciting opportunity will provide a student with the chance to help script, shoot, edit, and debut videos pertaining to the Office for Undergraduate Students’ services, and Villanova students.

-Current full time undergraduate student in good academic standing seeking a for credit internship opportunity
-Technical fluency with editing and graphics software for video (preferably access to FinalCut)
-Knowledge and ability to use video production equipment
-Ability to troubleshoot technical concerns related to required software & hardware
-Creative thinking and flexibility
-Ability to work independently and problem-solve
-Availability to work during office hours and some evenings/weekends as needed

Applicants should email their cover letter and resume to Chuck Francisco at charles.francisco@villanova.edu no later than 5pm on Wednesday, August 27th.


The Brain Aneurysm Awareness Run is organized by members of the Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory Lab, in the Psychology Department at Villanova University. As cognitive neuroscientists who study memory, we have observed the devastating effects of brain injury in many stroke patients. We want to give something back to these patients who so generously contributed to our understanding of the consequences of brain injury. With your help, we can help fight the devastation caused by brain aneurysms and save lives right here in our community.

Registration begins at 7:45 a.m. • Event begins at 9:00 a.m.
Pre-registration fee of $25 (adult) • $15 (students & children 6 and over)
*includes tshirt if registered by 8/22; Tshirt sizes include standard adult & children sizes *includes chip timing for all runners

After 8/22 registration fee will increase to $30 (adult) $20 (students & children 6 and over)
*tshirts are available while supplies last.

To pre-register please scan the QR Code below or go to

For even more details, or to spread the word, view the full flyer here: baar2014_flyer

The Matthew J. Ryan center for the Study of Free Institutions and the Public Good

Come visit the Matthew J. Ryan Center for the Study of Free Institutions and the Public Good!  Located in Old Favley 304, we are a place to discuss serious ideas about politics.  We believe active citizenship is not simply about voting every four years or turning on cable news or Colbert once in a while.  Politics is about asking questions like: What makes a good citizen or statesman?  What is freedom?  And is it something we should care about?  Become a member of the Ryan Center, and participate in discussions about contemporary and controversial political issues, reading groups, public lectures, and more.  Please email Brenda Hafera (brenda.hafera@villanova.edu) for more information.